“Basketball is amazing.” says Matthew Stasyna, better known as NBA Humorist TURBOZONE.

“Take the biggest humans in the world, add in all their massive egos, player histories, millions of wild fans and billions of dollars and have them battle at full speed for 48 mins. It’s one heck of a spectacle.”

“I’m happy to be part of it, using my art skills to promote my hometown Toronto Raptors. The greatest franchise in the history of the Universe.”

Turbozone’s unique coverage of the Raptors has earned him features on, ESPN, TSN, Yahoo Sports, Dime Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Hockey News and various other sports sites across North America. He’s done work for several NBA players, won the Toronto Raptors Logo Re-Design Contest (2014) as well as the Toronto Raptors Northside Pride Contest (2015) and other prizes from the franchise. He’s a regular in the Raptors online community, where his “sigs” can be seen gracing people’s profiles.

He posts his Basketball thoughts on the RealGM Raptors Forum.


Matthew Stasyna was born in Toronto and has been making art since he was a kid.

After drawing his way through his young life, he decided to merge his work with his passion, earning a degree in 3D Animation and Graphic Design. Those skills allowed him to express his love for basketball through creative software.

This was a great outlet because whether he liked it or not, NBA daydreams were a normal part of his everyday life. Evidenced by the hundreds of original-concept NBA-themed art pieces he produces each year.

“I’ve had naturally-occuring basketball-themed daydreams every day of my life for years. They started when I was about 10 and have never stopped. I don’t know where they come from, but they’re very vivid and are the best part of my day.”

“What I mean is I could be walking down the street and unprovoked I’ll just start daydreaming about everything basketball. I’ll picture the people around me doing 360 windmill slams over each other. Then I’ll picture the person in front of me dunking over Shaq, next I’ll imagine skyscrapers posting each other up or just get lost in some other basketball fantasy altogether. All within moments. I’m aware it sounds crazy, but it happens every day all the time so there you go. Just the way I’m wired I guess. It’s like Basketball and my Imagination got stuck on this infinite loop together.”

“Throw in the fact I love the game, am addicted to art and am saturated with NBA highlights all day and you have the potential recipe for some really fun creations. It’s very clear that making Basketball Art is my calling and I’m going to follow that feeling to see where it takes me. I’ve never questioned what I want to do with my life. It’s clear as day, this is it. Basketball fans support and egg me on; they’re my fuel and I’m just honoured they enjoy my work.”

“The saddest part about my life is that no matter how long I live, I will never be able to make them all. For every NBA piece I make there are at least ten that die on the drawing board just because I practically don’t have the time to make them.”

“My goal is to produce NBA Artwork for a living. Finally fuse my passion and career. That way I could just do what I was born to do. Promote the sport that I love.”

“That’s my Basketball Dream.”


Matt is currently a Special FX Artist for Cineplex

He lives in and loves Toronto.

To check out some of Matt’s other art projects, you can visit his homepage. There’s also much more Raptors artwork floating around the web that’s not on here.

Want to reach Turbozone? Got a question? An art request? You can reach him here:

“Be nice to each other and life will be a Slam Dunk!”